AAF-Knoxville welcomes professionals from advertising agencies, media, corporations, vendors to the communications profession, freelancers, non-profits, and others.  We recently revamped our dues structure to make it easier for more people to stay regularly involved with AAF-Knoxville, no matter if you work for a large or small organization.

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AAF dues are less than many professional organizations, and are based on a discounted scale to allow multiple employees within an organization to participate.  The dues structure is $100 per year for individuals, $300 per year for companies with up to 9 employees, and $600 per year for organizations with 10 or more employees.

AAF-Knoxville is very excited about this year’s programs and events. Attendance at meetings was up dramatically last year, and this year’s schedule is even better.  We’re also in the planning stages for new ideas that will help you network, develop professionally, and have fun in 2015. Click here to download a PDF of our benefits. 

For a membership application, click here.  If you have questions or would like to know more, contact our Membership Chair Michael Torano here.

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